About the event

In order to achieve the highest performance standards an organisation needs to develop a reliability-centred culture where everybody recognises their personal responsibility to improve the processes, systems and working relationships, which the success of the organisation depends on. To achieve the step change toward a culture of reliability, however, requires that all parts of the organization are involved, not just the operating areas. It can be compared to the same attitude developed to safety, now embedded in the psyche of most operators. Our series of ReliabilityX conference aims to deliver knowledge required to design reliability into daily plant operations and creating a culture of prevention and improvement, where plants can operate as safer, more productive and more profitable businesses. This knowledge will be delivered during the event through real life case studies, panel discussions, success stories and relevant solutions required to make reliability a corporate value. In a nutshell, the conference is expected to become a platform for the manufacturing organisations to develop a culture where everybody recognises, they have a responsibility for plant reliability – just as they recognise very clearly their responsibility for safety. Join the maintenance, reliability and asset management professionals to discuss the challenges and the methods being implemented at the “ReliabilityX Africa Conference” in Johannesburg, South Africa. Speakers will share discussions and case study examples to take a greater look at the methods being implemented and strategizing plans to cope with the rising asset deterioration and plant efficiency. Presented by Exxocon, ReliabilityX Africa – Reliability Excellence Conference is a unique summit designed to deliver a unique platform of knowledge, expertise and technology surrounding the topics of maintenance, reliability and asset management.

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Why attend?

Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management professionals across the region will be given unprecedented access to world class experts, industry leaders, new developments in techniques/technologies and vast networking opportunities.

To truly understand the benefits of reliability and learn how to implement a strategic reliability and maintenance programme, attendance to this conference will lead to both personal and career development within this sector.

Discover when to execute preventive, predictive, condition based or RCM technologies to help overcome equipment obsolescence and improve overall plant availability and reliability.



The organizing committee has carefully selected over 20 active practitioners from over 9 countries.
For the full list of speakers and the event agenda, please fill the form below.


We are seeking quality speakers in a broad range of case studies and program topics that inspire change and drive bottom-line results.

Join us in Johannesburg to share your innovative ideas, problem solving application, best practices and personal experience.

Interested in speaking at this exclusive event?

Do you have experience and expertise that could benefit your industry? Why not share them – and get recognition from your industry colleagues?

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Conference Focus:


improvement initiative with the overall business plan and leadership commitment to the initiative

Optimizing work processes

to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement


Engaging people in the culture of reliability

Topics in Focus

  • Asset Management
  • Reliability Leadership
  • Industry 4.0 Evolution
  • Industrial Internet of
    Things (IIOT)
  • Oil Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • FMEA
  • Machinery Lubrication
  • Contamination Control/
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Alignment/Balancing


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